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Welcome to Historia

For 2022, we have create two new tours that follow the paths of several distinguished Medal of Honor recipients. We will visit sites and the hear the stories of those individuals went above and beyond the call of duty. In July, we will tour the American battlefields of the Western Front in France, from Belleau Wood to the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Though only in the Great War a short period of time, soldiers such as Alvin York, Bernie Atkinson, Calvin Ward, and Buck Karnes, along with others, left an indelible mark on European landscape.

In October, we will venture along the road to Rome from the beaches as Paestum and Anzio with Tech Sergeant Charles H. Coolidge and Corporal Paul Huff during WWII's Italian Campaign. Though Coolidge received his citation for his actions in France in late 1944, he was awarded both a Bronze and Silver Star in Italy the previous fall (We will follow Coolidge in France in May 2023). Huff, who landed at Anzio, was the first airborne paratrooper to receive the Medal of Honor for his daring exploits at Carano. Both men made the march into Rome.

Pack your bags and join us in 2022. It will be an experience you will long remember.

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